For special occasions, customers may phone the restaurant and place an order.


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Bodrum Restaurant has been established in London for over 10 years, and provides a very authentic Turkish dining experience.
The food on offer is prepared by our chefs who have experience for over 20 years.
At the Bodrum Restaurant we only serve freshly cooked dishes made with the finest ingredients carefully chosen by our qualified staff. Time spent on preparation is a vital part of our service and is reflected in the positive comments we receive from our customers.
With our online menu you can begin your Turkish experience and continue to be immersed with the cuisine and culture in Bodrum Restaurant.
Turkish cuisine is renowned for being one of the world's finest cuisines, and to a large extent the product of a rich historical background resulting from centuries of crossbreeding between East and West and sustained by an infinite variety of fish, meat, vegetables and fruit.
In additional our staffs are very friendly and also knowledgeable of the Turkish menu, and there is always someone on hand look after your wine needs.
We look forward to welcoming you to try out the Turkish experience at is BEST!!!